Your account security is a priority for BetFury. But you should secure your data with extra protection by yourselves!
Set a reliable Password Please use a strong password (up cases, letters, numbers, and special symbols included). Make sure it's not the same as your password connected to any other service or website.
Set 2FA authentication To activate 2FA, you need no more than a few minutes. However, you would have a good grade level of protection and a guarantee that you, and only you, can access your account.
  • Sign in via Google or email/pass
  • Open your Account page on BetFury
  • Check if your Email is valid in the "My Email" field
  • Come up with a strong password
  • Activate 2FA (you must have installed an app similar to Google Authenticator or Authy) Reliably save the recovery code from the authenticator
⚠️Use 2FA authentication to protect your Email📧 and exchange account💸! Play with pleasure and most importantly - safely!