For every beginner, there are Free Boxes with BTC and FUNFURY tokens. Receiving such boxes, everyone can immediately plunge into an amazing world of BetFury gaming. Besides, if you come with friends, you will get even more! If you want your crypto to constantly multiply, then take our Deposit Boxes.

Free Crypto Boxes

What could be better than free crypto? Only large Free Boxes with crypto! Take it right now and try your luck to become a professional. Even one withdrawal from one of these Boxes is enough for betting because a minimum bet in our In-house games is 0.00000001 in any currency! This great possibility is open to all Betfurians regardless of Rank. After the last update, we combined 3 boxes: BFG, BNB, and BTС and one BTC box and increased the recovery time to 60 minutes. The number of tokens received has not changed, but we’ve saved your time and made the opening process much more convenient.
  • Get up to 7200 FUNFURY tokens from the special FUNFURY Box
  • Get up to 0.00000416 BTC from Free BTC Box
For withdrawal you have to do simple actions:
That’s all - your wallet will be filled with cryptocurrency!
What if the Free Box fills up and more than 60 min pass?
Nothing. Your coins will wait until you log in and press the 'Withdraw' button. Boxes can’t be filled over the stated limit. You can withdraw the filled box at any time.

Deposit Boxes with up to 100% monthly Rate

Boxes are like a deposit in a bank. You buy a box for a certain price for a certain period. You can withdraw the full amount + % after the period finishes or withdraw the total expected amount with % by parts. The monthly rate is the percentage that can be obtained in a month (30 days). The percentage can be 7%, 15%, 30%, and even 100%!
For example: You buy a BFG Box for 100 BFG for 7 days with the monthly rate of 7%. In 7 days you will receive only a fraction of it. This is for those who do not want to wait for 30 days to get a profit. However, If you buy such a box for 30 days with a monthly rate of 15%, then in 30 days you will receive a full contribution and + 15% profit.
The number of boxes is limited and each user can buy one type of box only once. These Deposit Boxes are now available: UNI, Pancake, ZIL, Link, and Chiliz Boxes. Watch for new boxes, because they are bought like hotcakes!
Watch for new boxes, because they are bought like hotcakes!
Boxes Referral Program
Invite friends, send them a referral link, and earn bonus crypto. Follow the step-by-step guide:
  • Copy your link and forward it to your friend;
  • Every time he withdraws crypto from Free Boxes you get a 20% bonus according to the amount of the Box reward;
  • For example, you've withdrawn 100 BFG, then 20 BFG is immediately credited to your wallet;
  • At the same time, nothing is taken from the referral and your friend receives the total amount, and you get your bonus.
Thus, BetFury Boxes are a fantastic opportunity to get more crypto if you're already a skilled user or start earning and become the owner of various cryptocurrencies if you are a beginner.
Like they say, easy peasy lemon squeezy! Try this fantastic opportunity and become richer. That’s why more invites - more profit!