More than 3 years have passed since the launch of BetFury. Our platform has become a home for many crypto enthusiasts because over a million users around the globe have united with one goal - to become successful and rich by playing online casino games. Mr. Fury, everyone's favorite raccoon, has developed and grown before your eyes. Everything you see, we have achieved thanks to your support, ambition, and creativity, and of course, we do not intend to stop!
Since 2019, the crypto world has had many changes and updates. Our team tried to choose a development vector that would send BetFury to the moon. Mr. Fury decided to share this with you, so he prepared a long list of completed goals:

The 2019 year:

✅ BetFury launch ✅ 1M TRX pre-launch event ✅ Adding Slots, Table, and Original games

The 2020 year:

✅ BTC, USDT, Ethereum integration ✅ New 4 Original games ✅ VISA/MC buy crypto integration ✅ Upgrade of Login system ✅ BTC Staking payouts poolSecret project - BetFury Box ✅ UI/UX Product improvements ✅ License acquiring preparation ✅ BetFury Birthday & New Year event ✅ Metamask integration

The 2021 year:

✅ Curacao License ✅ BFG Listing ✅ New 3 Original games ✅ New cryptocurrencies integration ✅ New Bonus “Rakeback” ✅ Top Slots providers integration ✅ Sports betting and Sports BattlesStaking system upgrade ✅ New internal Chat ✅ Rank and Referral systems upgrade ✅ CMC & CoinGecko listings ✅ Birthday Secret Release ✅ Strategic partnerships

The 2022 year:

✅ User's profile improvements ✅ Upgrade of Internal Chat ✅ New 4 Original games ✅ New cryptocurrencies integration ✅ New Bonus “FuryCharge” ✅ Cryptocurrency conversion into fiat ✅ Bonus Cabinet - Welcome Pack, Deposit Bonus & Free Spins ✅ Upgrade of Staking & Cashback payouts ✅ BetFury Farming update ✅ Upgrade of Battles & TournamentsIncrease of RTP in native games ✅ Global Events and Activities ✅ New strategic partnerships