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Elite VIP Club is a paradise for any Betfurian. It unites all active users of the platform from Rank 10. This amazing world offers exclusive promotions, unique events, and additional bonuses. VIPs receive increased Cashback, Rakeback, FuryCharge rewards, the highest withdrawal priority, VIP Bounty, and other gifts.
In addition, by becoming a VIP, you will be provided with a personal VIP Manager who will advise on any issues. All these advantages will help you earn and improve your gaming experience. And now, let's take a closer look at all the pros of the VIP Club.

VIP Club Benefit

  • Special Treats Each member of the VIP Club receives sweet Bonuses: Welcome VIP Bonus, Bounty Bonus, Free Spins, Promo Codes, etc.
  • Personal VIP Manager Your VIP Manager is your best friend on the platform. He will guide you through our platform's features and help you with any questions.
  • Additional Perks VIP users get first-hand insight into new features, games, and events. In addition, if you're a VIP, you have Withdrawal Priority and privileged access to Pre-release. Besides, VIPs can easily customize the User Profile.
  • Highest Bonuses The Rank increases Cashback, Rakeback, and FuryСharge payouts. Thus, all VIPs get the biggest crypto rewards and money returns.

How to become a VIP?

To join the VIP Club, you should reach the 10th Rank. But this process can take less effort if you show great gaming activity on our platform. In this case, the VIP manager can contact you and make you a part of the VIP Club. So show your high gaming activity to join our elite community.

I've Become VIP: What Should I Do?

Congratulations if you have managed to climb the ladder of the Rank system so high. You now have access to all of the above Bonuses and Perks. To get your first rewards and learn more about the VIP Club and future plans, you can find out who will become your VIP Manager (Ann, Amy, Cindy, or Sofia). To do this, write to BetFury Support - you will immediately be given the name of a new reliable friend and assistant. Then only forward to new achievements!