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VIP Transfer Program

What is the VIP Transfer Program?
This program is designed for users who are VIP users on other platforms and want to switch to us and be active VIP members at BetFury.
How to apply?
In order to submit an application, you need to fill out a Google form on the VIP Landing page. All transmitted data is confidential and will not be shared. If the application is approved, our VIP Transfer Manager will contact the user through the communication channel that he indicates in the form (email / Telegram)
  • No need to start your way on BetFury from scratch;
  • You can get all the benefits of the VIP Club at once;
  • You do not lose anything, and in any case, all your achievements on the platform remain with you.
When a user makes a request for VIP Transfer, he declares a certain level and amount of wagerer reached on other platforms. If we approve the request for the Transfer program, the user immediately receives a Rank corresponding to the one he had with our competitors and a VIP Transfer status. The condition is that in the first month, the player must make 25% of the declared wager (but not more than $250 000). The maximum level that is given to the user during the VIP transfer program is Rank 10 and a $1mln wager.
Successful VIP Transfer passing
After the successful completion of the VIP transfer, a VIP user receives his personal VIP Manager, VIP Transfer status changes to full VIP status, progress and level are saved for him, and he becomes a full member of the VIP club on BetFury.
If the user has not passed the VIP Transfer
The user loses the opportunity to contact the VIP Transfer Manager, the VIP Transfer status is canceled on the account; the rank is lowered according to the amount of wager he made in the first month. VIP bonuses (regular and irregular) will no longer be credited to the user until he reaches Rank 10. Downgrading does not affect the Free Spins and Deposit bonuses accrued to the player at the time of downgrading. Cashback - the amount of cashback accrued at the time of the downgrading is saved and available to be claimed even after the user's rank is lowered. After the downgrading, the subsequent cashback accruals correspond to the user's updated rank.
  • If the user is demoted to a rank where FuryCharge is available, the accruals start from zero. If at the time of the downgrade, the user had FuryCharge credits that he did not have time to claim, they are burned.
After a downgrade, FuryCharge is calculated according to the player's updated rank.
  • If the user is downgraded to ranks 1-4 (FuryCharge is not available), the bonus will not be available to the user until he reaches level 5. All FuryCharge accruals until the moment of demotion are canceled.
  • If the user is downgraded to a rank where Rakeback is available, the amount of the bonus accrued before the downgrade is available for withdrawal
  • After downgrading, the Rakeback is credited according to the updated player's rank (e.g., 3rd rank - 3%).
  • If a user is downgraded to Rank 1-2, the bonus will not be available to the user until he or she reaches Rank 3. All Rakeback credits prior to downgrade are canceled.
KYC for participants of the VIP transfer program
BetFury can request any documents for passing the KYC at its own decision. BetFury reserves the right to restrict the Service, deposit, or withdrawal until the identity is sufficiently determined or for any other reason in BetFury Risk Department's discretion.