BFG Mining

BetFury is not just a gaming platform but an entire system with various gaming activities. Also, we have lots of opportunities according to multicurrency. BetFury has its own internal BFG token, which you can easily get on the platform.
BFG Mining on BetFury
Mining had become a key feature of BetFury. It was a unique solution for obtaining BFG tokens just for playing on BetFury.
The min bet for BFG Mining was $0.01 in any currency to reduce the mining load and ensure its correct process. The total emission is 5 000 000 000 BFG, and it’s the max number of BFG tokens that will not be changed! However, all these tokens have already been mined out until June 13, 2023.
The Mining Price
The mining price of BFG in each currency depended on the USDT exchange rate at Binance and rose after every 25 000 000 BFG was mined. It changed in real-time and was always actual on BetFury. You can see the last Mining price in the picture below:
Economics & Sharing of mined tokens
The total mined amount of BFG is the number of tokens that have already been accumulated on the platform in total, since the launch of the forum (including tokens that were burned).
The Mining system on BetFury was supposed to work for users and the BetFury team. Therefore, all the Mined BFG tokens of BetFury are shared by the following percentage proportions: 51% of all the Mined tokens amount went for sharing among Betfurians and to develop the platform; the other 49% was divided for different goals on BetFury.
If you mined 1 BFG, the total mined amount increased by two tokens. It means that 1 BFG went to you and another – to the team. Even now, the BetFury team uses this amount to develop the platform in different ways. For example, mined tokens go to improve the Development and Marketing of BetFury. Also, the platform keeps BFG for the Referral Program, Reserve, and Bonuses - 5% for each. And 4% go for Partnerships.
Progressive Lock
Since BFG became a tradable asset, we’ve reforged the mining system and created the Progressive Lock mechanism. It sticks to the core idea of obtaining BFG tokens by placing bets, keeping the BetFury Staking earnings opportunities, reducing risks related to illegitimate token gaining, and eventually selling them on the open market. ⚠️ All newly mined tokens are locked for withdrawals. But you can still get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tickets are unlocked after 180 days from being mined.
What'll be in the future?
BFG token, just like Bitcoin, has limited emission. This certain amount of BFG tokens have already been mined out. So, what is happening with BFG after Mining is over?
Let’s take the example of Bitcoin to understand better! When Bitcoin was created, it was stated in its protocol that the total supply would be restricted to 21 million. The supply cannot increase – regardless of growing demand. The value of Bitcoin grows because of its unique Mining system. Therefore, the interest in its obtaining is extremely high.
We can expect the same from this example for the BFG token. The BFG overgrown ecosystem increases its value too. Therefore, BFG will be full-fledged tokens with nice tokenomics. Besides, as always, BFG has many utility opportunities: Staking, Trading, Gaming, and getting Bonuses.