About Bonus System: What’s new?
Fury collected all the bonuses in one place. You won't need to run around the platform and search. Thus, you can easily harvest juicy bonuses in a few clicks. In addition to profitable Cashback, Rakeback, and Weekly Bonus updates, you will be surprised by the new Monthly Bonus and Rakeback Boost. So, our profitable trio is replaced by a team of five! Moreover, the part of your bonuses will appear in the Bonus Calendar, where you can claim them daily. Let's briefly check out each of the novelties.


Cashback has become crazy! Are you wondering why? This bonus starts from 5%, instead of 1%. Consequently, all new players will be able to save five times more money! Starting from Rank 6, it will gradually increase to 25%. Cashback has always been calculated from Rank 1, like other Bonuses now.


Rakeback has undergone similar changes. Here is a list of all the cool innovations:
  • Rakeback is available from ̶R̶a̶n̶k̶ ̶3̶ Rank 1.
  • Now, each user will receive a 10% Rakeback regardless of Rank.
  • Sports bets, like Slots and Original games, are also counted for the wager.

Rakeback Booster

Additionally, you can catch Rakeback Booster. This is a temporary bonus doubling. Therefore, instead of a 10% Rakeback, you will receive 20%. The Booster will be activated when you collect such bonuses as Cashback, Weekly bonus, and Monthly bonus or harvest them from a Bonus Calendar. This feature is available for 1 hour from the moment of activation. If you reclaim any bonus, the timer will restart for 1 hour.

Weekly Bonus

Next, we introduce the updated FuryCharge. These are the main changes of the new BetFury “battery”:
  • This Bonus is available from ̶R̶a̶n̶k̶ ̶5̶ Rank 1.
  • The minimum wager is $150 and not $1 000.
  • Weekly Bonus is calculated the same for all Ranks.
Instead of counting down 7 days from the activation, you can withdraw funds every Saturday and collect them by parts from the Bonus Calendar.
⚠️ If you don't claim the accrued Weekly Bonus till the end of the next weekly period, it will disappear.
💡 The remaining amounts from launched FuryCharge were distributed by days until the end of the active FuryCharge.

Monthly Bonus

This is a new bonus that increases the maximum profit received. It operates on the following principle:
  • You can claim a Monthly Bonus every 1st of the month for the previous month's activity.
  • The bonus is available to users from Rank 1.
  • Sports Betting, Slots, and Original games are counted for the wager.
  • You will receive your October reward on November 1st.
⚠️ If you don't claim the accrued Monthly Bonus till the end of the next monthly period, it will disappear.

Bonus Calendar

Bonus Calendar is a mechanic for distributing your bonuses by day. When withdrawing bonuses, part of this amount will be credited to the balance, and another part will be added to the Calendar. Here are the rules for distributing rewards for each bonus:
  • Rakeback Bonus 50% on the balance, 50% for 3 days. For VIPs: 70% on the balance, 30% for 2 days.
  • Cashback Bonus For Rank 1-5 users: 50% on the balance, 50% for 3 days; for Rank 6-10 users: 75% on the balance, 25% for 3 days. For VIPs: 100% on the balance.
  • Weekly Bonus 25% on the balance, 75% for over 7 days. For VIPs: 30% on the balance, 70% for 5 days.
  • Monthly Bonus 25% on the balance, 75% for over 30 days. For VIPs: 25% on the balance, 75% for 15 days.
How does the Calendar work?
  • One Calendar day can contain a few different bonuses gathered along the way.
  • Each accumulated amount per day is divided into 3 equal parts. Each part becomes available every 8 hours (the first at 8:00 a.m., the second at 4 p.m., and the third at 12 a.m.). For example, if you collected $9 on Tuesday, you can withdraw $3 at 8 o’clock.
  • There’s a certain minimum amount of bonuses that are added to the Calendar. The bonus amount is not divided if it does not reach this minimum.
  • Every part is available for 24 hours. If you don't claim it, the bonus part disappears.
  • You can scroll days in the Bonus Cabinet and expand the Calendar. The full view will make it easier to analyze all the bonuses received.
  • All funds fall into the Calendar in the currency in which the reward was claimed.
Therefore, check out the new BetFury Bonus System to get constant profit. We have many plans to improve it in the future. Hope you will like these updates and new bonuses. Leave your feedback for us to make all the Bonuses even better! We appreciate and love all your advice and support 💛
Last modified 1mo ago