NFT Lootboxes

Win Rare NFTs in BetFury NFT Lootboxes
NFTs are still popular and are a quite valuable asset in the crypto world. Many Betfurians have asked about the development of our NFT ecosystem. That's why we're introducing an amazing new feature – NFT Lootboxes. Let’s check out how to win masterpieces of crypto art worth a few dollars!

What are NFT Lootboxes?

Lootboxes are well-known features for receiving random rewards. They have become famous in video games such as CS:GO. Our team created NFT Lootboxes with similar mechanics that include many profitable rewards. The main prizes are rare NFTs that can be worth a fortune!

How to Win NFT?

  • Go to the NFT Lootboxes section.
  • Select the Lootbox with a reward you intend to receive.
  • Click "Open" to go to the most interesting.
  • Buy a Spin using any available currency on BetFury.
  • Check the percentage chance of winning each prize.
  • Click "Spin" and try your luck.
  • NFT and Free Spins will be waiting for you on the Bonuses page.
  • Crypto and Free Bets will be credited to your account automatically.

Variety of Rewards

Many Lootboxes have different chances of dropping NFTs and a range of lucrative rewards. Here’s a list of things you can win:
  • Free Spins for Slots or Original games;
  • Free Bets for Sports Betting;
If you want to make money on NFTs, you can choose another way and select BFG as the reward. If the NFT costs $1k, you will get $1k in BFG on your game balance. If a specific NFT is unavailable for transfer due to technical reasons or someone else won it, contact BetFury Support and resolve this issue. We will offer you the choice of either a reward in BFG or getting another NFT from this collection.
Standard NFT Lootboxes guarantee prizes, while exclusive ones include a sector without rewards. However, the probability of this sector appearing is only 1%. Therefore, the likelihood of missing a prize is minimal. Moreover, you can explore NFT Lootboxes without using real money. To do this, click “Demo Spin” and learn how it works.

Top NFT Collections

The best rewards for Lootboxes are some of the rarest NFTs on the market. We offer to get blue-chip NFTs from such collections as:
  • Wrapped Cryptopunks;
  • BoredApeYachtClub;
  • Azuki Originals;
  • MutantApe Yacht Club;
  • Plump Penguins;
  • DeGods and many others.
Many fans and enthusiasts are familiar with these titles. If it’s your first time seeing them, just google their price! Thus, BetFury offers many luxurious rewards for any wallet. Spin prices can range up to thousands of dollars so that newbies and VIPs can enjoy these exclusive offers.

Adding NFTs to Your Wallet

To receive the main reward, a rare NFT, you should enter your wallet address and network correctly. Currently, all NFTs from Lootboxes support three networks: Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana. So, watch the entered data so as not to lose your assets. Among the variety of wallets, we recommend using MetaMask and Trust Wallet because they support BFG and are the best options for NFTs.
To sum up, NFT Lootboxes are an incredible feature for NFT fans and those wishing to get rich. This is another world for profitable entertainment, just like our casino games. Note that NFT Lootboxes are just the beginning of BetFury’s journey in the NFT ecosystem. Therefore, prepare for our team’s other revolutionary ideas and attractive novelties!