1. Cashback policy

1.1. Cashback is calculated only on your deposit funds. Cashback is available to be received on your losses twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday. Cashback is calculated from all your gaming activity (except Live, Table, and Sportsbetting) during one period according to the formula: Cashback amount=(your deposited lost coins in one game period)*cashback%.
1.2. Coins for winnings, staking payouts, jackpots, referral payouts, boxes, bonuses (battle rewards, BetFury spins, manual bonuses, VIP bonuses, airdrops, events rewards, etc.) are not involved in the cashback accrual.
1.3. You have only one period to withdraw the cashback amount. If you avoid receiving cashback from the previous period, you won't receive it in the future.
1.4. The cashback bonus is provided for one person (i.e., one account and IP address). Players cannot use multiple accounts to receive cashback. BetFury reserves the right to completely disable the cashback function for users who use various schemes and multi-counting to manipulate the receiving cashback.
1.5. BetFury reserves the right to change the cashback feature's calculation, mechanics, and rules at any time.

2. Promo codes policy

2.1. One User can choose and apply only one promo code.
2.2. Each promo code has a restricted number of times to be used.
2.3. The period for using a promo code is strictly defined. When the expiration date comes, a promo code will not be valid.
2.4. The User who has registered via email will receive a Bonus for the promo code only after activating the account by confirming the email. To receive a bonus, the User must confirm the email during the promo code lifetime.
2.5. The User who has registered through Telegram or any wallet (MetaMask, TronWallet, Binance Chain, etc.) receives bonuses immediately, as it does not require activation.
2.6. After receiving the bonus in "X" currency, withdrawal in this currency will be blocked. To unlock the withdrawal for "X" currency, the player must reach the wager rule ("x50", or more) in "X" currency to the bonus for the promo code.
2.7. If, after 7 (seven) days, the player does not pass the wager rule, the bonuses will expire (we annulate the Bonus amount, including winnings, and leave only Deposit funds if such were).
2.8. The default wager coefficient is "x50", but it can be more. It depends on the promo code terms. Wager for unlocking withdrawal counting only in In-House games, Slots, and Sports betting.
2.9. BetFury reserves the right to change the wager coefficient, promo code lifetime, and the bonus accrual at any time.